A quick note on yesterday’s Rock n Roll Half-Marathon in Philly.

The race was great, the weather was perfect, managed to keep a decent pace through most of it, despite my legs being a mess for a couple days prior. Seems I squatted a tad too heavy in CrossFit on Thursday, as my inner thighs and hamstring felt like they were locked up completely. In fact, just walking around Philly in Saturday, my expectations for this race went from 10:30-11 min per mile pace to, if I can finish, it’ll be a miracle. With that, I decided early on to Galloway it, though between 3 and 6 we skipped the walks, as my legs started to feel looser, as long as I kept then moving.

Around mile 5 Lauren started to complain about a blister on her heel. It appears her Merrell Dash shoes were a little tight in the back and had opened up a bloody mess on the back of her foot. By the time we were coming on mile 7, she was not a happy camper and I was just trying to keep her going forward till we could get to a medical tent.

Then she stopped, took off her shoes and just said, “I’m just going to run barefoot,” and took off. All the previous pain and frustration gone, she ran the last 10k, as if nothing had happened. Apparently she is a barefoot running natural.

In fact she was the talk of the course for those who saw her. One guy even asked how she was, then thanked her for keeping going, as it provided the motivation he needed to keep running. Very cool.

We went from me being the bottleneck, to me feeling great and her foot being the bottleneck, to her going barefoot and returning to her natural speed-demon self, and me being the bottleneck again. Ahhh, the cycle of life. :)

We ended up finishing in just under 2:29, with an average pace around 11:20. Not my best half time, but it was still a good race, considering I was barely able to walk when we started. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get close to a PR at Greta’s great gallop in a few weeks, given that my legs were definitely what held me back, not my endurance.

Philly was a great time and so close by via bus. We’ll definitely be visiting again soon.

  1. mar-kicksass said: I was wondering about the pink toes in that photo! :) Glad you had a good time and I hope Lauren can go barefoot a few more days.
  2. seechrisrun said: Man, I couldn’t imagine just taking my shoes off and running barefoot in a race.
  3. veggielife said: Jeez, impressive for both of you! That half was my first half, and also that was my time for it (or, just OVER 2:29 for me.)
  4. sarahspeaksnow said: Wow go girl!!! Great job to both of you!!!!
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